Ozzy Tyres 4×4 Wheels Review

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Have ANY question at anything wheels related? Ozzy tyres are your guys. They’ve been in the business of knowing what good tyres should look and feel like for more than 2 decades. And they’ve been facing the many wheels related questions Aussies have been having since before the internet became a serious thing. They’ve watched tyres evolve, and have taken their expertise to 4 core locations throughout Australia. This complete Ozzy tyres 4×4 wheels review tells you what to expect from the guys who have done it all for 4×4 wheels Australia.


What they Sell


Ozzy tyres sell the largest range of mag wheels, rims and tyres in all of Australia. They’ve had more than two decades to learn what the market wants and needs, and they’re always stocked. Thanks to their years in the business, Ozzy tyres’ reputation has allowed them to make distribution deals with some major manufacturers. This allows them to sell them at normal retail price, instead of the “Australian” price that has been spiked up to compensate for shipping, customs, and buying from other retailers. You can find everything from JDM wheels, to 4×4 Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux wheels.


What they Do


The idea behind Ozzy tyres is to be one-stop-shop for all things wheels, rims or tyres. To this end, Ozzy tyres provide comprehensive rim and tyre services – from lifting to precision setting and balancing. Have questions about your wheel needs, they’ll answer them for you. The precision experts are trained to diagnose potential tyre problems and recommend plausible solutions.


Where they Are


Ozzy tyres have experts in 4 central locations – ACT, NSW, QLD and VIC, who provide all the services above. But you don’t have to visit their stores to get the services they offer. They offer nationwide delivery, plus their guys will bring the shop to your house so that you get a comprehensive fitting and balancing service regardless of your location.