How many Aussies own bitcoin- know the exact figures

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Bitcoin is the most popular digital asset that has its operations on the internet as it is the perfect combination of gold and cash that enables investors to make use of this currency. Even with the increasing regulation in the cryptocurrency sector, there have been a large number of investors of Bitcoin. Hence if you are also interested in investing money in this digital currency then you should find out how many Aussies own Bitcoin so that you can determine whether it is safe for investment or not. Moreover, there are some financial institutions in Australia that allow the use of Bitcoin with the use of credit cards. But the purchase of Bitcoin is dependent on the risk-bearing capacity of the investor so that they will be able to transfer money easily without losing it.


A survey for finding out the number of Bitcoin users in Australia reveals that there are about 63% Aussies that invest money in Bitcoin. But the number is increasing with each passing day because more and more people are opting for the use of Bitcoin as a popular payment method. The reason for the popularity to buy Bitcoin in Australia is because it does not require people to open an account or give an identity card for the transactions. It is also a safe manner of sending and receiving money because it offers quick as well as affordable money transfers even between countries. Hence, there is no need of spending a large amount of money on international money transfers because it can be done with Bitcoin in an affordable manner.

According to Aussies, the use of Bitcoin is an investment strategy that helps in simplifying business and trades as it can make money transfer easy, quick and convenient. The money can be transferred between citizens of different countries without any high processing fees.