What is a LED ring light?

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Having good quality photos are a key point to any business. One of the most important factors to consider when getting the perfect shots is lighting, learning to control it well can help you to get the best texture and embrace the colours. These days there are so many tools that can help you achieve it, one of those is the so famous LED ring light.

Every well-known photographer, makeup artist, beauty blogger or youtube Vlogger has a LED ring light. Maybe you have heard about it, but you still don’t know what it is or don’t understand how come it is so important to have one, keep reading to learn more about it and why you have to purchase one right now.

The LED ring light at Etoile Collective is a lighting equipment that comes with a certain number of led lighting bulbs forming a circle, it comes with a tripod where you can put your camera or cell phone and has a Bluetooth remote control.

The LED ring light has become so popular that there are even some portable options that you can adjust to you cell phone or laptop to get the best selfies. The lighting range from soft to hard, so you can adjust it according to the effect you want. It is a pretty good investment because the batteries last around one year.

The reason why the LED ring light has become a valuable tool for taking the best photos is that it embraces the facial features and avoids the harsh shadows that could exaggerate negative features. One of the things the photographers love the most about it is that it creates a halo light that reflects in the eyes and catch all of the attention to them. They are also a great tool for anyone who wants to get a detailed closed up photo of any object because the light distribution provides us a clear view.

There are several brands that sell the LED ring light and price can be a cheap as 236 AUD. The LED lighting is eco-friendly, in contrast to other types of lighting the ring light can have, such as the fluorescent light. Now after reading this article is your time to get one and ¡Enjoy getting the best photos!