Things to do in Sydney in September

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Sydney is a fun place to be especially in the month of September. Major events, festivals and fun time are at its peak in spring but don’t forget to look for a short term accommodation in Sydney. Let’s check out some of the events and things to do in Sydney in September.

1) Pyrmont Festival
It is the ninth anniversary of the festival. Situated in Piramma Park Playground, you can enjoy an array of food, the charm of orange, wine tasting, kid’s entertainment and live music. With over 100 stalls its a festival you will never want to miss. The event is from 28th September to 6th October.
2) Oz Comic-Con
If you love superhero movies then this is the place to be. There will a lot of things to do like the showcase of video games, competitive gaming, events for kids and meet with celebrities. Some confirmed celebrities to attend is Hayley Atwell, Archie Andrews, Katherine Barrels and many more. The event is from 28th to 29th September.
3) St Ives Medieval Faire
One of the best dark ages event in Sydney. If you are a lover of history then you will love this event as champions will battle it out in jousting arena and in foot. Learn to use a medieval weapon, eat and drink in the tavern, like in the dark ages. The event is from 21st to 22nd September.
4) The Hills Shire Orange Blossoms Festivals
Also known as the festival of light as performers, attendees and surroundings will be light up. There are fireworks, light dancers, hula hoop performance and also kids events. There will be food trucks along the alley to keep your stomach full. The event is on 14th September.
5) Roller Disco Brunch
For roller skating lovers, you will love this place. You will be skating on the rooftop of Cruise Bar. The main event is to skate for 90 minutes non-stop and get free pizza as much as you want. The event is from 31st August to 1st September.
6) Sydney Rides
This event happens for 3 months and it’s an event that goes around Sydney. Join your family and friends as you cycle around in events like Light The City, Spring Cycle and The Big Adventure. The event starts on 1st September.