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About the Course

Yellow Card Training is a program required to operate elevating work platforms, or EWPs. This will provide necessary training on the safe use of EWPs in the workplace. This will also provide an elevated work platform license, including proof of training.

Proper assistance and consultation for the participants will be provided to ensure that their capabilities and skills are appropriate for the training.

For the theoretical training, the mode of delivery may be classroom-based or face-to-face. However, for practical observation, training, demonstration, and assessment, it is required to have face-to-face training to ensure hands-on experience and assessment.

Participants may choose to complete one or multiple classes.


Training Outcome

You will be able to apply and operate elevated work platforms and learn safety procedures and prevention techniques during work. 

You will acquire and understand needed knowledge and information on possible risks when using elevated work platforms. 

Completion of EWPA or Yellow Card Training will also ensure that you’ve developed confidence in the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the training sessions.


about EWP training



Participants who wish to apply for the yellow card training program should be at least 18 years  old to secure a yellow card license, and 16 to 18 years old are likewise qualified to acquire a restricted yellow card license.

Participants must also be able to read and write, which is needed for the written examination.

Fully enclosed footwear

High visibility clothing


Theoretical and hands-on training includes:

Proper identification, assessment, and prevention of hazardous materials and equipment

Inspection, fitting, and use of the harness

Theory assessment and practical observation and demonstration.

Identification of safe operating parameters

Emergency and safety procedures

Elevated work platform operation and procedure (covers SL or scissor lifts, BL or self-propelled boom, trailer-mounted boom, TM or truck-mounted boom, and VL or vertical lifts. If you want to learn more about EWP training, please contact us.