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Ozzy Tyres 4×4 Wheels Review

Have ANY question at anything wheels related? Ozzy tyres are your guys. They’ve been in the business of knowing what good tyres should look and feel like for more than 2 decades. And they’ve been facing the many wheels related questions Aussies have been having since before the internet became a serious thing. They’ve watched tyres evolve, and have taken their expertise to 4 core locations throughout Australia. This complete Ozzy tyres 4×4 wheels review tells you what to expect from the guys who have done it all for 4×4 wheels Australia.


What they Sell


Ozzy tyres sell the largest range of mag wheels, rims and tyres in all of Australia. They’ve had more than two decades to learn what the market wants and needs, and they’re always stocked. Thanks to their years in the business, Ozzy tyres’ reputation has allowed them to make distribution deals with some major manufacturers. This allows them to sell them at normal retail price, instead of the “Australian” price that has been spiked up to compensate for shipping, customs, and buying from other retailers. You can find everything from JDM wheels, to 4×4 Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux wheels.


What they Do


The idea behind Ozzy tyres is to be one-stop-shop for all things wheels, rims or tyres. To this end, Ozzy tyres provide comprehensive rim and tyre services – from lifting to precision setting and balancing. Have questions about your wheel needs, they’ll answer them for you. The precision experts are trained to diagnose potential tyre problems and recommend plausible solutions.


Where they Are


Ozzy tyres have experts in 4 central locations – ACT, NSW, QLD and VIC, who provide all the services above. But you don’t have to visit their stores to get the services they offer. They offer nationwide delivery, plus their guys will bring the shop to your house so that you get a comprehensive fitting and balancing service regardless of your location.

5 Reasons why a Gaming Laptop is a Good Investment for an office gamer

Are you wondering if a gaming laptop is a good purchase or not?


If so, we will help you make the right decision. Before we proceed, a gaming laptop is certainly a better buy than a normal one, as the advantages it offers are plenty.


Why should you buy a gaming laptop?

We will share with you not one but five different reasons why gaming laptops are worth the cost. In fact, you should prefer them over a standard workstation or a personal laptop. Without further ado, let us look at the reasons why it is the right choice.


  1. Excellent speed:


The number 1 reason why a gaming laptop is a worthy choice is because of the superb speed which it has on offer. The speed of a laptop or computer depends on the RAM as well as the processor on offer. Since the gaming laptops are designed to handle a heavy load, the processor is powerful and often consists of a higher RAM, usually 8 GB or more. Due to this very reason, whether you’re using it for gaming or day-to-day purposes, the speed which you will get will be on the higher side.


The higher speed helps you in getting your work done faster. Moreover, there will be no lag, which means that the user experience will be better as well. The gaming laptop offers a remarkable improvement in the performance over the normal one.


  1. Versatile:


Do you play games often? Also, you need to work on office matters as often too.


If yes, then, a gaming laptop is the right choice for you.


Gaming laptops are highly versatile. They are suitable for a wide variety of functions. Besides running your games, you can use it for other tasks at the same time like:


  • Browsing the Internet
  • Editing graphics
  • Video rendering
  • MS office
  • Accessing cloud data


Also, there is a general misconception that purchasing a gaming laptop only makes sense when you play games for at least 3 to 4 hours per day. It is not true. Gaming laptops are an excellent proposition even when you play games occasionally. They have higher computing power, which can help you conduct your office tasks in a much better fashion. That is why there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for a gaming laptop over a normal one.


  1. Long lifespan:


One of the primary reasons for the high cost of a gaming laptop is the quality of the components. Due to this very reason, they last for a longer time. The maintenance which a gaming laptop requires is low due to the same reason.


Moreover, the gaming laptops available these days consider the demands of future games. That is why; they often incorporate the latest technology, which further increases the life span as well as usability of the laptop. If you replace a regular laptop every 3 to 4 years, you can use a gaming one for up to 5 to 6 years. This factor alone makes the gaming laptop much more viable from an economic point of view as well.


  1. Easy to upgrade:


The technology in the gaming industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Gaming laptops are manufactured, keeping this in mind. That is why you will find that they are easy to upgrade. In fact, with some training, you can upgrade a gaming laptop yourself, as well. As a result, upgrading a gaming laptop is comparatively affordable.


Moreover, when you’re looking to buy one, you will often notice that gaming laptops have more empty slots as compared to the normal ones. It is because the manufacturers know that it is likely that the user will upgrade his/her laptop more often. It is another reason why you should go for a gaming laptop. A few years down the line, rather than looking for a new one, you can upgrade your current laptop, which will increase its life span even further.


  1. Better cooling solutions:


Gaming laptops are designed, keeping in mind that the processor can generate a lot of heat when playing a heavy game. That is why the cooling solutions incorporated are much better than an ordinary laptop. The advantage of these cooling solutions is that the processors can work glitch-free even at the higher operating temperature range.


The efficient cooling system will also help you when using the gaming laptop for day-to-day work. The lag and the glitches which you usually experience in an ordinary laptop do not plague the gaming laptop. The efficient cooling system especially comes in handy during the summer months. An efficient cooling system also makes it easy to use the laptop in any weather condition. Rather than investing separately on the cooling solution or a laptop cooling pad or a cooling fan, it is a good idea to go with gaming laptops due to this feature.


With so many different advantages, are you still on the fence when it comes to gaming laptops?


If you are looking for a good gaming laptop, you can consider the Razer Blade laptop series:


In fact, they are a must-have. The gaming laptops are not just an economically viable solution but provide higher processing power and faster speed as well, which can serve you better for years together. That is why; you need to look beyond the upfront cost and consider the numerous benefits which they can provide over their life span.

What is a LED ring light?

Having good quality photos are a key point to any business. One of the most important factors to consider when getting the perfect shots is lighting, learning to control it well can help you to get the best texture and embrace the colours. These days there are so many tools that can help you achieve it, one of those is the so famous LED ring light.

Every well-known photographer, makeup artist, beauty blogger or youtube Vlogger has a LED ring light. Maybe you have heard about it, but you still don’t know what it is or don’t understand how come it is so important to have one, keep reading to learn more about it and why you have to purchase one right now.

The LED ring light at Etoile Collective is a lighting equipment that comes with a certain number of led lighting bulbs forming a circle, it comes with a tripod where you can put your camera or cell phone and has a Bluetooth remote control.

The LED ring light has become so popular that there are even some portable options that you can adjust to you cell phone or laptop to get the best selfies. The lighting range from soft to hard, so you can adjust it according to the effect you want. It is a pretty good investment because the batteries last around one year.

The reason why the LED ring light has become a valuable tool for taking the best photos is that it embraces the facial features and avoids the harsh shadows that could exaggerate negative features. One of the things the photographers love the most about it is that it creates a halo light that reflects in the eyes and catch all of the attention to them. They are also a great tool for anyone who wants to get a detailed closed up photo of any object because the light distribution provides us a clear view.

There are several brands that sell the LED ring light and price can be a cheap as 236 AUD. The LED lighting is eco-friendly, in contrast to other types of lighting the ring light can have, such as the fluorescent light. Now after reading this article is your time to get one and ¡Enjoy getting the best photos!


The Top Mitvah Venues In Melbourne To Mazel Tov Your Worries Away

Mazel Tov on your up and coming Coming of Age Mitvah! When it comes to Bar Mitzvah venues in Melbourne, this should never be a small affair! Friends and close family members gather to witness the young woman or man’s special time. The importance of this special day cannot be emphasized enough and it all starts with a great venue. No matter how modern or traditional a Mitzvah you had in mind, you can celebrate in any of these carefully selected Melbourne venues for after the synagogue ceremony. Music and dancing follows a sumptuous feast your invited guests will never forget.

After all, the moment your child turns thirteen, he becomes accountable for everything he does. Literally meaning Son of Commandment, children now have all the obligations and rights of an adult Jew including all the Torah commandments. Since this is such a joyous occasion and an important milestone, celebrating it together with friends and family is a great way to remember such a life-changing event. Celebrants deliver speeches, lead services and may be called to the Torah.

  • Si Senorita Bar
  • Cuff Food & Wine
  • Sense of Self
  • The Osborne Rooftop & Bar
  • The Moldy Fig
  • Mr Joe
  • 8 Days Cafe
  • Sook Restaurant & Bar
  • The Curtain Room At Kent Hotel
  • Tolarno Eating House and Bar
  • Smokin Barrys Diner and Bar
  • The Main Bar at Maeve Fox
  • 75 Reid Street
  • Katuk
  • Bar Humbug
  • Laurent Gallery
  • Bayview Eden Melbourne
  • Mt View Hotel
  • Locanda
  • Mofo Lounge
  • Batman’s Hill on Collins
  • Brownstone Micro Brewery Dandenong
  • Morocco Lounge
  • Kingpin Crown Melbourne
  • Woolshed
  • Mercure North Melbourne
  • Adelphi Hotel
  • Campari House
  • Rokeby100
  • Chelsea Heights Hotel

These venues make a lasting, memorable impression and are such great venues for this important milestone. As a matter of fact, no matter how simple or how elaborate you want your Mitzvah to be in Melbourne, one thing’s for sure and that’s all the effort it took to plan it is going to be worth it. review

Sometimes finding your favorite pet can become a tedious job. You may have to search for long hours. Moreover, there are so many types of breeds. So, it might be confusing for you to find your pet.

Pets Please ( is a great website for all pet lovers. You can easily search for your pets and pet products here. You can get your pets in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and across entire Australia. In a word, this site is a boon to all pet lovers. Review
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‘Pets Please’ is a wonderful site for all pet lovers in Australia.. You can find here cute puppies for sale in Melbourne and almost any type of pet breeds. The site is simple to use. Hence, you can find your pet easily. Just visit the site to find your favorite pet. (

Randwick Betting Tips & Odds

Randwick Race 1 Horse Racing Betting Tips

SO SI BON – Since joining the Hayes/Dabernig stable he’s had the two starts. Down the track in the Newmarket and then last start here in the 1400m Victoria Handicap he was ok when fifth to Widgee Turf beaten 1-1/2 lengths. Been difficult to catch over his career but have a look at these runs, 3-1/4 lengths from Tosen Stardom in a Mackinnon Stakes, 3-1/4 lengths to Hey Doc in an Australian Guineas, 1-3/4 lengths to Divine Prophet in a Caulfield Guineas and 1-3/4 lengths to Sacred Elixir in the Moonee Valley Vase. I am trusting my eye here as he looked as though he had trimmed down a little last time out and third-up here should be ready to peak out to 1600m.

Randwick Race 3 Horse Racing Betting Tips

COZHECANCAN – This horse started $14 on debut at Ballarat when he was third to Rockwithu. He did a good job when you refer to the stewards’ report which read “tightened for room shortly after the start and he laid in from the 200m and at the 50m had to be steadied to avoid the heels of the winner”. After the interference early, he settled back third to last and then improved coming five wide on the turn and ran home the best last 200m and was strong through the line over 1200m. This Darren Weir stable have had good success with Cliff’s Edge a son of Canford Cliffs, the sire of this horse. Weir loves these VOBIS races where the prizemoney is appealing, he won this race with Trust In A Gust a few years back.

Randwick Race 4 Horse Racing Betting Tips

TARQUIN – Carried 60.5kg when unplaced here first-up behind Handsome Thief. He had excuses, stewards’ report read “held up from the 300m to the 200m. Rider (Brad Rawiller) also reported, did not ride with his usual vigour for a short distance as no runs were appearing”. Despite those problems he reeled off the second best last 600 and 400m sectionals and the third fastest last 200m when jogging to the line. He’s placed in a JRA Cup behind Real Love, third in a Vic Gold Heath Cup at this meeting last year with 59kg behind Toffee Nose and Ruthven, Ruthven then progressed to win a Queensland Derby. Second-up last time in he was beaten just over two lengths in the Bendigo Golden Mile by Observational. Down on 54kg here and out to 1400m he should be competitive at good odds and will be playing Fastnet Tempest with him in exotics.

Randwick Race 7 Horse Racing Betting Tips

VIOLATE – He resumed at Flemington when he just missed getting Nozomi over 1400m and then came here to Caulfield and was responsible for a terrific run. Really caught the eye that day when powering home behind Widgee Turf beaten two lengths, also over 1400m. His sectional splits from the 1000m to home were only bettered by the winner. He raced in Queensland last year running second in the Gunsynd Classic, a Group III over 1600m, fourth in the Rough Habit, third in the Grand Prix and then fourth in the Queensland Derby to Ruthven. Out to 1600m from the good draw should see him extremely competitive in an open event.

Randwick Race 8 Horse Racing Betting Tips

SO SI BON – Certainly won’t be betting the farm but I can make a good case for So Si Bon to finally win another race. The blinkers went back on last start for the first time for the new stable which helped switch him on and he was able to race much closer which probably brought him undone in what turned out a hard run race. He thrashed the leaders but had nothing left when the swoopers took over late. Fitter again and suited out to the mile, if he can take up a similar spot from the good gate in a much softer run race, he’ll have a break over a few of the main chances and should be tough to beat. Sword Of Light is the one to run down, if they let her control the front with no pressure she’ll give a big kick.

Sandown Betting Tips & Odds

Sandown Race 1 Horse Racing Betting Tips

PENSKE The Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott-trained Penske has made his mark in provincial company and will be chasing a third win at his sixth career outing when the son of Sebring contests the City Of Wollongong RSL Sub-Branch Gallipoli Cup Benchmark 72 Handicap (1600m). A Hawkesbury maiden winner on debut in three runs in his first preparation, Penske returned to racing chasing home Cedarwood in a benchmark 70 handicap at Newcastle on March 22 before recording the best speed ratings of the day winning a class one handicap at Wyong last start. Penske has the potential to be a city winner however there is another provincial win in him on Saturday.

Sandown Race 2 Horse Racing Betting Tips

ROK’N’UNDATHESTARS – Rok’n’undathestars is a five-year-old but didn’t start racing until a month ago. Trained by Ben Currie he hasn’t let the grass grow under is feet with a dominant Maiden win first-up over 1200m followed by a narrow defeat in a class 1 at Beaudesert last start over 1100m. The step up to 1300m should suit and with Rebecca Williams to ride from gate one Rok’n’undathestars should be hard to beat.

Sandown Race 5 Horse Racing Betting Tips

GOLD MONARCH – I tipped him two starts back at long odds and he put in a shocker. Gold Monarch’s other five career runs have been solid and I have always felt that being a very big horse out of a Zabeel mare he would be suited over a longer distance. He has gone well previously when ridden by Ron Goltz and despite the wide gate gets his chance over 1650m. If he can relax in the run and not overrace Gold Monarch will be hard to hold off.

Sandown Race 6 Horse Racing Betting Tips

ANYMORE – Anymore hasn’t won since the Gatton Cup last year but placed over this trip here two starts back in stronger company and has benefited from three runs back since a let-up. The small field suits, Baylee Nothdurft knows him well having ridden him at his past three starts, the 1.5kg claim helps and this is the weakest field he has met in a long time. From gate two, Anymore should be able to set the tempo and be too good in the run home.

Sandown Race 8 Horse Racing Betting Tips

VEGANZA – Veganza is a Maiden taking on winners but has upside and is bred for the trip. She is by Lope De Vega out of a Zabeel mare and whilst the dam Brazeeliana has been a moderate producer the better of the progeny could stay. Veganza has now had four starts and has shown steady improvement at each of them going down narrowly at her most recent start of 1600m at the Sunshine Coast where she looked the winner everywhere but on the line. The step up to 1800m at her home track is ideal and whilst she takes on stronger company Scott Galloway stays on and should have her on the speed throughout. Against her own age group she has a good each-way chance.

Moonee Valley Betting Tips & Odds

Moonee Valley Race 4 Horse Racing Betting Tips

SECRET COPY- Early betting for the Southern Cross Austereo MTC Guineas Prelude (1400m) suggests it is a race in two between the Nick Olive-trained I Am Kalani who is the bookmakers top tip at around $1.85 with the last start Wagga winner, Secret Copy from the Matthew Dale stable the second pick at $2.65, however, there is enough evidence to suggest the bookies may have the wrong market order. I Am Kalani has earned favouritism through successive win on the Canberra Acton track last preparation and runner-up finishes at her latest two outings including the Albury Guineas last start. The query with I Am Kalani is the 58kg, the three-year-old daughter of I Am Invincible has never carried more than 55.5kg in her career to date with 54.5kg carried in her two wins. She may well get then job done however I Am Kalani is not an odds-on chance with such a significant weight rise. Conversely Secret Copy could not have been more impressive carrying 56.5kg to a 6 3/4-length maiden win over 1200m at Wagga last start. The three-year-old daughter of Snitzel won in a manner that suggests the step up to 1400m won’t be an issue and with plenty of scope for improvement at her third race start will test the favourite to the limit.

Moonee Valley Race 5 Horse Racing Betting Tips

CASH CRISIS- We were with the Matthew Dale stable in the Guineas Prelude but happy to risk the stable’s $2.50 favourite Clipper in the Magic Albert 2018 Town Plate Prelude (1200m). Clipper is yet to win beyond 1100m and with a wide gate to boot, can run against me. Last start Albury City Handicap winner Cash Crisis represents the value in the race at $9 in early betting markets. A winner of three of his six starts in the 1150m-1200m distance range, Cash Crisis left the Country Championships third-placegetter O’ So Hazy in his wake last start and is drawn to get all the favours in running launching from barrier two and represents genuine value.

Moonee Valley Race 6 Horse Racing Betting Tips

OH SO UNFAIR- Our fate at Wagga will be highly dependent on the results from the Matthew Dale Stable as once again one of his runners looks under the odds as favourite for the Kooringal Stud 2018 Murrumbidgee Cup – Heat Of The Wagga Stayers Series (1800m). Fun Tickets is a mare that has been good to us in the past, however she does go to 1800m for the first time with 59kg and must overcome a wide gate and I would be looking for at least $4.50 before considering having something on her. The Mark Gee-trained Oh So Unfair is proven at the trip winning the Tom Patton Cup at the track and distance two runs back before being outclassed in the Albury Gold Cup last start. With early betting markets having Fun Tickets at $2.80 and Oh So Unfair at $13 the latter is the horse to be on.

Moonee Valley Race 8 Horse Racing Betting Tips

IMAGE OF LOVE- As a proven Armidale performer, the $13 available for the Paul Grills-trained Image Of Love looks attractive odds in the days feature, the Watson McNamara & Watt Solicitors Guyra Cup (1400m). Trained at the track, Image of Love has won two races at Armidale including the Country Championship Preview over the 1400m two runs back on March 4 before having no luck at Moree last time start when forced to race wide without cover. Image of Love is drawn to get all the favours in running from an inside draw in a race where several the key chances are drawn out. Last start Muswellbrook winner Niccobelle from the Wyong stables of Kristen Buchanan is the early favourite but may be vulnerable over the last 100m. If he gets clear running approaching the home turn Image Of Love will be the one charging late.

Caulfield Betting Tips & Odds

Horse Racing Betting Tips

IN HIS STRIDE- Trained by Rex Lipp at Toowoomba he struggled to find form initially this preparation but has performed well at two outings since being freshened during February and is a smart horse on his day. During his career he has been placed in a Magic Millions Quality, been beaten an inch by Monsieur Gustave in the Listed Eye Liner and placed in two other Listed races so he is well up to this class when right. He hit the line well behind Gracida last start over 1050m at Doomben and meets him 1.5kg better on a bigger track where he can utilise his strong finishing burst. Brad Stewart won on him two starts back over the 1000m here, can park him off the speed and charge home late.

Horse Racing Betting Tips

REILMARTINI – This didn’t beat much at Ballarat at his third start after winning on debut at that track and then ran third at Moonee Valley. He put them to the sword quickly in the straight and the margin was widening on the line. He carried 59kg and ran home his last 400m in 22.36 seconds, with the last 200m covered in 11.34. May be a lucky horse, four starts, three times barrier one. Darren Weir continues to produce good provincial performers that transfer their form to the city. The stablemate Iconoclasm despite his wide gate can be included in exotics together with Bravo Tango, he looked special at Flemington in October and January.

Horse Racing Betting Tips

ABDON – Can lightning strike twice in 12 months at Caulfield? Last year at this meeting the Chris Waller stable produced Life Less Ordinary to win the 1800m race at his first Australian start. This horse races in the same colours and has the ability to win. At Newmarket in the UK in October 2016, Johannes Vermeer second in the Melbourne Cup, beat him home a length over 1810m. At his previous start over the same trip, also at Newmarket, Folkswood which won the Cranbourne Cup last year, beat him home four lengths. I didn’t mind his trial behind Trekking at Rosehill in late March when 3-1/2 lengths from the winner with something to give. He’s been gelded since he last raced and has the lugging bit applied. Tiamo Grace looks the danger after two runs this time in.

Horse Racing Betting Tips

SHEEZDASHING – Good pace here with Princess Mia and Double The Magic both drawn out going forward with Fern and Hinchin Time from barriers one and two pushing up. Sheezdashing was three wide in the Mornington Guineas last start, you cannot win being wide at that track and to her credit she was brave running on for fourth. The previous run at Flemington was held up behind Holbien when she had something to offer. Go back to the spring when Luvaluva beat her less than two lengths in the Wakeful at Flemington, that’s good enough form to be going close here.

Flemington Betting Tips & Odds

Flemington Race 1 Horse Racing Betting Tips

IWATANI- The Mark Hatch-trained Iwatani is the winner of his only start at Armidale and looks well placed to remain unbeaten at the track and distance when he takes his place in the Regional Australia Bank Guyra Benchmark 64 Handicap (1100m). Iwatani hasn’t been back to Armidale since winning his maiden over the 1100m back in 2016 but his recent form is good enough to suggest he will be right in play on Sunday. Despite finishing sixth at Muswellbrook on March 2, Iwatani was only a half-length from the winner and was far from disgraced in the H&NWRA; Country Championship Qualifier at Scone last start over an unsuitable 1400m. Inside barriers are a significant advantage over the 1100m at Armidale and with Iwatani launching from barrier two the five-year-old will take a power of beating with Travis Wolfgram in the saddle.

Flemington Race 3 Horse Racing Betting Tips

LEGACY WARS- Steve Tregea was probably hoping this Written Tycoon four-year-old would be a speedster but like the half-brother Mandryka he has thrown to his mother who is by the stayer Helissio. He resumed off a 29 week break and one quiet trial with a solid effort in a 1210m maiden here but will be improved from that run and this 1625m race is far more suitable. Last preparation he was placed in a 1680m Maiden at Ipswich which was the only time he got to run on a good track. He should get similar conditions here and from gate one in a very moderate Maiden with Nozi Tomizawa retaining the mount gets a chance to put a score on the board.

Flemington Race 4 Horse Racing Betting Tips

CLIVEDEN- I tipped him the day he won at Beaudesert and since then he was caught on a very heavy track with 59.5kg at the Sunshine Coast and last start met a strong class three field at Dalby, He was far from disgraced in that finishing fourth to Jim ‘n’ Andy beaten less than two lengths and will find this class two company easier. From the inside gate with Michael Schrapel claiming 2kg he can sit on the speed and be too strong late. It is his first try over 1300m but he is by Street Cry the sire of Winx and Zenyatta out of a mare that won the VRC Oaks so the distance shouldn’t be an issue.

Flemington Race 5 Horse Racing Betting Tips

ROOI ROE- The “Roma Rocket”, she has won six of fourteen starts and only missed a place once and in that she ran fourth. There has been no shortage of mileage either as she has won on her home track Roma, Doomben and Rockhampton as well as placing at Eagle Farm, Birdsville, Toowoomba and Dalby. She resumes here after a 17 week break and whilst bar plates would normally worry me she has an excellent first up record and I am prepared to trust her over the 1000m. Les Tilley has won on her four times, will sit her off the speed and have her charging late.

Flemington Race 8 Horse Racing Betting Tips

CLUB SODA- The Congrats gelding trained by Liam Birchley was scratched last week and kept for this in the hope of a firmer surface. He may be destined for the Asian market but has been trialling strongly and could debut well. Chris Whitely knows the Gold Coast track very well and with the horse having shown speed in his trials can go forward from the outside gate and be hard to run down.